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Timber Frames

Plain Timberframes Shingle colors <hr />

Recipe: timberframeplain **Note:** Top is the outside frame, Middle is the inside.

Recipe: timberframealtoak

Recipe: timberframealtacacia

Recipe: timberframealtbirch

Recipe: timberframealtjungle

Recipe: timberframealtspruce

Recipe: timberframealtdarkoak

Recipe: timberframealtcactus </div>
## The Item
The Timberframe blocks are new blocks added with Structurize. The Timberframes come in various wood frames, as seen in the first recipe, surrounding not only wood centers but also cactus, cobblestone, stone, paper and bricks. (The outside frames are only in wood and cactus.) Once you have the Plain Timberframe made with the combination you want, to get the other layouts of the frames all you need to do is put the Plain Timberframe in the crafting table to get the version you like. For the rest of the variants you just have to put a version of the Timberframe into the crafting table until you get the version you want. The crafting starts with the plain version and at the end becomes the plain version again, so if you have the wrong kind of Timberframe you can easily start over again until you get the one you want. (Shown above in the recipes below the first with every kind of wooden frame.) ### Note: We use paper as solid block in the example, you can do the same with every other above mentioned block.
## Using the Timberframes To use the Timberframes simply put them where you want them, however, frames are directional, meaning they change orientation depending on how you place them.

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