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Custom citizen names

Would you like to have citizen names in your own language? Then this is your page!
Everything you have to change is just one file.


  1. Locate the file minecolonies-server.toml.

    For servers:


    For local worlds:


  1. Edit

    You can use the official language templates we provide here or you can edit at your own risk. If so, don’t forget to make a copy of the file first and follow the structure.
    Edit with a text editor.
    The file must have the same name.

  2. Run minecraft client/server and enjoy.

Official language templates

For download the file click the raw button on top of the page and then right-click -> save as…
These are the links we provide you for making your life a little bit easier:


Download spanish template file

Don’t forget: The file must have the name minecolonies-server.toml.

If changes are needed, or you feel there is content missing, please feel free to edit this page (button at the top), or submit an issue for us to make any edits. - Minecolonies Wiki Team