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Town Protection

Our Custom Protection System (once a Townhall is placed) can be toggled in the config (file or in-game menu).

The custom protection includes turning explosions off (by default), to have creepers, TNT and any modded blocks not destroy your area.

It also covers from Y = 0 to y = 256, so you don’t have to worry about any griefing from bedrock to sky limit.

Note: The Protection system depends on the claim system. Only areas that are “claimed” will have the protection system. See Town Claim Modes for complete information.

Configuration Options:

Config file values:

# Should the colony protection be enabled?
# Independent from the colony protection, should explosions be turned off?
# Should players be allowed to build their colonies over existing villages?

Or in-game through the “mod Options” button;

1- Select minecolonies and pressing the Config button.

2- Next screen select Minecolonies button.

3- Next screen select gameplay button.

There you will find the options you can change:

  • enableColonyProtection = true (default value)
  • turnOffExplosionsInColonies = true (default value)
  • protectVillages = true (default value)

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