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Welcome to the Miller’s Information Site.

The Miller is another part of your Colony’s production line. The Miller can learn 3x3 recipes made of at least 75% wood, that do not include ingots, stone, redstone, or string. Able to make wooden tools. The delivery man, or the player must provide the necessary supplies to make these items.

Click here for full information about the Sawmill’s hut block and using your Building Tool. Once the hut is placed, the Miller will be automatically assigned (or you can manually assign one with the best Traits for a Miller if you changed this in the setting tab in the Town Hall’s GUI.

You now officially have a Miller, CONGRATULATIONS!

The Miller can start crafting tools, planks, stairs, slabs and any other items that are at least 75% made of wood, once you teach them the necessary recipes. You should think about upgrading the Miller’s hut so that the worker can craft more items.

Note: The Miller can only learn a set number of recipes based on the Hut level. So:

Building Level Recipes
1 10
2 20
3 40
4 80
5 160

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